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Dementia Care AlfredHouse Assisted Living

Dementia Care at AlfredHouse

Dementia care at AlfredHouse Assisted Living always includes a thoughtful conversation with families.

This deeply personal experience at AlfredHouse was recently featured in a Washington Post article on “How dementia makes it harder to offer end-of-life comfort” on September 4th, 2016.

I received so many questions and comments. Each reveal to me our common concern for the elderly and especially for those with dementia as they age.

What are the right answers? What are the best ways to provide dementia care for loved ones? There is no one right way. Each person requires their own dementia care plan.

Dementia manifests in a variety of symptoms. It may include memory loss to lack of ability to perform everyday actions. Dementia has no boundaries and is one of the most challenging diseases for families to navigate.

The AlfredHouse dementia caregiving philosophy is always to ensure each resident has comfort, dignity, and peace. It is subtle in nature yet profound in experience.

We know we have provided the best most personalized and compassionate care for our residents when we read such comments as the daughter of AlfredHouse resident Mrs. Finster wrote:

“We’re extremely grateful to the angelic staff at Alfred House as well as Montgomery Hospice. They are all incredible, caring people and we never have a moment’s worry about the care she receives.”

As always, if you or your family have any questions about dementia care, please contact me directly. I am here to serve the elderly and their families to ensure each person is afforded comfort, dignity and peace.


Veena J. Alfred, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer and Administrator