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Tips to Help A Loved One Move to Assisted Living

Change is a challenge, when it comes to moving out of the home to consider an assisted living option, elderly have many mixed reactions. While you may be considering more assistance and safety for your elderly, but find it difficult to convince them to see your point. Following tips may be helpful;

  • BE HONEST AND OPEN-  Talk it out with your loved one. Let them know your concerns for them. Explain how the assisted living facility will make sure that they are taken care of 24*7. Open dialogue allows your loved one to discuss his/her feelings about moving to a Boutique Senior Care or Assisted Living. Make it a dialogue rather than a directive. Most importantly, let them understand that they will have the final choice to decide which community they will live in.
  • SHOW THEM A NEW WAY OF COMMUNITY LIVING- When your loved one talks of being lonely, let them know that it gets you concerned. Whereas, in an assisted living community they would be able to make friends and join in various activities with other seniors and enjoy living in a community of like-minded people. They will have new neighbors and make new friends.
  • DISCUSS THEIR NEED FOR 24*7 CARE- Depending on their individual medical needs and handicap, discuss around-the-clock care which will provide for their safety and meet their personal care needs. Also, talk about specially-trained staff at assisted living facility who will understand their unique needs and provide personal care with dignity and patience.
  • TAKE THEM TO AN ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY- Many seniors are not familiar with how much assisted living communities have evolved. Show brochures, or even take a tour of some facilities, have the materials, websites or addresses ready.

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GIVE THEM TIME TO ACCEPT- Leave the thought of assisted living as an open-ended suggestion.