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Respite Care Services

Short Term Respite Care

Everyone who resides at Alfredhouse is treated with the same, individualized care, whether staying for 30 days or 3 years. Our short-term, respite care program assists seniors leaving nursing care, hospital stays or rehabilitation, and helps them return home stronger and safer. Our short term respite care services aim to ensure that residents can transition home with confidence, renewed health and well-being, allowing them to better manage all aspects of their recovery. Our staff provides customized, short term care facilities with varying levels of services that anyone residing at AlfredHouse receives, including activities of daily living, memory care, and recreation. Our respite care residents receive the same level of care as our long-term residents, participate in all activities, and enjoy all amenities offered. and participate in all activities.

With our 1:4 care provider ratio, expert geriatric specialists, and commitment to personalized care, we stand ready to provide respite care services that are tailored specifically to your loved one’s needs.

Please contact us to learn more and start exploring the very best in respite care for your loved one today!

When it is time to explore assisted living, let the path from your house lead to our house…AlfredHouse.

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