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A New Approach to Aging

Human attitude towards growing old has always been one of resignation. We accept aging as part of life, the way life is supposed to be. Along with growing old, probably we have come to expect poorer health. We see sickness as part of what it means to age.

According to current estimates, 80 percent of people over the age of 65 have at least one chronic illness, and 68 percent have two or more chronic illnesses. However, in recent decades, scientists have begun taking a new approach to thinking about and dealing with aging.

Making A Living Will

Seniors are rapidly becoming affected by AI in the form of AI money scams.

With AI, it is now possible to “clone” or copy the voice of any person from a few words that the person spoke in a video or audio clip posted on social media.

A Healthy Approach to Retirement

One of life’s major transitions that we all face is retirement. Some of us approach it eagerly, thinking that it will be a time of release from routine and stress—one long vacation. Others approach it with unease and anxiety, wondering how we’ll deal with all the extra time on our hands.

When the Elderly Are Lost

As summer approaches, people begin to get outdoors more and enjoy outdoor hobbies and activities—taking long walks, visiting museums or art galleries, going to the theater or the local library. As we switch from an indoor to outdoor lifestyle, the elders among us face a potential problem that younger folks are not concerned about—that is, getting lost.